Prepare yourself for ‘LeBron to the Knicks’ rumors if the Lakers turmoil continues


From the moment the Lakers scored the free-agency commitment from LeBron James, not much else went right for the purple and gold.

The Lakers struck out on big-name free agents, missed the postseason for the sixth straight season, had trade rumors tank their chemistry all before Magic Johnson's resignation, Luke Walton's firing and repeated missteps at finding a replacement.

With LeBron turning 35 in December, the superstar's patience with Jeanie Buss and company will depend squarely on what happens this summer. The Lakers will somehow need to sign (or trade for) a superstar and hire a competent coach as Plan C. If that doesn't happen, we might as well get used to the LEBRON TO THE KNICKS rumors now because it's already starting.

On Thursday, Bovada released its odds for the teams with the best chance at landing LeBron next season. While the Lakers were still listed as the favorites, they were followed by the Knicks and Clippers.

Oh man, it's happening. Again.

To point out the obvious, LeBron would have to both demand a trade from the Lakers and have the Lakers actually comply with the request. James - in what was a misguided gesture to show loyalty - signed a four-year deal with the Lakers rather than opting for a one-and-one contract with a player option in Year 2.

He gave up the leverage that could have held the Lakers accountable for being as dysfunctional as they've been since the summer.

But the Knicks? Would LeBron really want to leave the second-most dysfunctional NBA franchise for the third-most just because it's New York? Either way, youjust know that the NBA world is going to run wild with that scenario.

And just think, it's only May right now. The Lakers still have months to demonstrate unthinkable levels of incompetence in the lead-up to free agency.

The Knicks narrative is only getting started.

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