Dome Glass Pine Wood Wall Clock

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Original 12'' Analog Dome Glass Pine Wood Wall Clock 


  • MODERN DESIGN - Japanese inspired minimalist design, goes great with any decor. Perfect for the classroom, office, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or living room.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Solid wooden frame made from 100% genuine pine wood. Features decorative black aluminum hour and minute hands and large, easy to read numbers.
  • DOME GLASS COVER - Unique dome glass front cover lies over-top the pinewood frame. This refracts light better than flat glass, providing a crystal clear view from any angle. This is ideal for a classroom or office, where viewers may be looking at the clock at an angle.
  • PRECISE, QUIET & NON TICKING - Precision battery operated quartz analog sweep inner movement mechanism quietly maintains the precise time. It requires just a single AA battery to run long-term (not included).
  • THE PERFECT SIZE - Clock face is 12" in diameter and 1.25" in thickness. Large enough to be easily read from a distance, yet small enough to hang on a classroom, office, kitchen, or bedroom wall. 

The 12" Analog Dome Glass Wall Clock is a one-of-a-kind Japanese inspired solid wood clock made of genuine pinewood. It features a non ticking precision quartz sweep inner movement mechanism, which quietly and accurately maintains time. Enclosed in the richly colored, pinewood frame is a clean and minimalist two-tone wood clock face, with easy to read tick marks that represent the time of day.

The black aluminum hour and minute hands offer a beautiful contrast on the wooden face and are visible in low light. Overlying the clock face is a crystal dome glass cover. This provides a wide viewing angle, making it ideal for an office or classroom.

The clock is 12 inches in diameter, making it the perfect size for a bedroom, kitchen, living room or office wall. It requires just a single AA battery to run long-term (not included).