Signature Chic Shirt White Collar Sophistication

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Monday mornings are made easy. No more 'What to wear to work' dilemmas! Enter a room full of business associates and your chic shirt tells everyone that you are a powerful professional, smart and guess what, a fashionista too. This Signature Chic Shirt is White Collar Sophistication..Get this in all 3 colors and you will see that your co-workers who aspire to be like you, are going to copy your dress code soon, it's a no-brainer! It is made of 100% Soft and comfy Cotton material. It comes with long sleeves to give a sleek formal look. It's crisp White collar has a one button closure at the back of the neck for a modern look. It comes in Sizes: XL, 2XL, 3XL, and 4XL.