Molkky Lawn Game

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Molkky is one of the more unique lawn games you can find today. Its origins date back to the early 20th Century when immigrants from the province of Karelia came to Finland after a period of civil unrest. With them they brought Kyykka. During the 1990s, a smaller and portable version of the game was made and it became known as Molkky. The current version of the game has been enjoyed by families worldwide for more than twenty years. Now you can get in on the fun and learn this unique lawn game that's fun for the whole family! Setup the pins according to how they look on the back of the instructions, position the Molkky horizontally in your hand, and try to knock down the pins. There are a few cool tricks to this game that separate it from other games like skittles though. If you knock down a single pin, you get the point value marked on that pin. If you knock down multiple pins, your point value is that of the number of pins you knocked over. First player to score exactly Fifty wins!