About Us

Team Spirit Store is headquartered in Boise, Idaho.  We are grateful to be in business with our schools, artists and NFL athletes.  Everything that we get to do is fun because we align with the incredible energy of college athletics, the tremendous talents of elite NFL athletes, and the creativity of wonderful artists.  Our works brings us in contact with fans and communities in the light of healthy competition.  We align our products with promoting the team, school and community spirit that brightens up everyone’s lives.

We started our company with game day rally towels and thus our company’s official name is Spirit Towels USA, LLC.  We soon moved into the exciting and creative artwork that is used in our posters, banners, paintings, greeting cards, invitations, special event cards, holiday cards, calendars and coloring books.  These products fit a full range of affordability and can enhance offices, dens, homes, bedrooms, dorm rooms, tail gating parties, auditoriums, class rooms, work out rooms, and many, many more.  Our artists unleash their creativity with our products to fuel the dreams and imagination of fans, students and alumni.

Our plan is to continue to develop and expand our product offerings, add more schools, add more athletes, and add more artists.  We also plan on extending our work into more professional leagues, which will make us even more unique being able to tie schools, athletes and their professional teams together in one unique, beautiful and inspirational art creation.  Our goal is to unleash the creativity, dreams and imagination of fans, students and alumni with a keen attention to consistency and detail.

We appreciate your business and your participation in Spirit Towels USA.  Please contact us with ideas and opportunities.  In great appreciation, thank you from Eric, Ryan and Bob and your complete Spirit Towel USA team! 

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