"Capturing The Athletes Brand Equity"



It’s no secret that all athletes have brand equity. It’s also not a secret that the vast majority of professional athletes lack the proper education and resources to turn the Internet and its auxiliary tools (e.g. social media) into optimal value, influence, marketability and ultimately, massively profitable athlete brands. Just ask an athlete if they ever heard of the Team Association Model, Third-Party Marketplaces, or the Converged Media Model.


This is precisely why it’s in every agent and athletes vested interest to equip themselves with the proper education, resources and opportunities, so they can take advantage of the latest, most advanced athlete branding and marketing practices, and ultimately “cash-in” on their Brand Equity.


The Phoenix Program mission has attracted a diverse and talented group of industry professionals, including a former professional athlete and coach, who are involved in designing and developing a multi-tiered platform giving athletes deliverable answers to their most challenging off-the-field questions:

How do athletes develop and implement a successful exit strategy from on-the-field competition?

How do athletes effectively leverage their “time in the league”?

How do athletes build a merchandising brand not limited by their team affiliation and league?

How do athletes solve the emotional and psychological challenges & pressures of professional athletics?

We believe in developing successful exit strategies from competition! We believe in partnering with reliable people to provide reliable opportunities! We believe in shattering the barriers that limit athlete’s income potential! We do this through our valued relationships, innovative spirit and the extremely talented individuals who deliver amazing results!


The Phoenix Program was recognized by the NFLPA in 2017 by awarding Team Spirit Store USA the Licensee of the Year Award, for pioneering solutions that increased player brand awareness, enhanced player charitable events and created a million kids smiles! While the Phoenix Program is still dedicated in these amazing endeavors, the program continues to evolve, as we implement the feedback and ideas we receive from agents and athletes to offer a full range of niche services.

Building the Athlete Lifestyle Brand


“Your brand is how people perceive you wherever they interact with your business-both the impressions you can control and the ones you can’t.”


When you think about it, athletes have brands, too. Each has a name, a face, a style, a way of communicating, different impressions they make on different people, and what they say about them when they’re not in the room.


Likewise, businesses have names, products, logos, colors, fonts, a language, and reputations to manage that make up who they are and affect how they’re perceived.


Building a Lifestyle brand requires consistency and maintaining that consistency as we extend the athletes brand to every part of their business. But it all starts with establishing what that consistency is going to look like and the feeling the athlete wants to evoke. How the Phoenix Program builds the athletes Lifestyle brand essentially boils down to these five steps:

  • Figure Out Your Place in the Market
  • Define Your Brand’s Focus & Personality
  • Choose a Name
  • Design the Logo
  • Apply, Extend and Evolve Your Brand as You Grow 


Building the brand doesn’t stop with creating a logo or slogan. The athlete brand needs to exist and remain consistent wherever the customers interact, from the theme we choose for the website to the marketing we do to customer service to the way we package and ship the products. By continually shaping and evolving the brand as we expose more customers to it, the brand will resonate with the athlete’s core audience and have its best foot forward at every turn.


The Phoenix Program is grateful to provide current and former players from the NFL, NBA and MLB with great and deliverable services that truly gives athletes an effective way to scale their brand, sharpen their mental physique, and build a sustainable source of income.