Phoenix Program

In partnership with the NFLPA, Team Spirit Store has created the Phoenix Program for current and former NFL players to provide a unique way for players to interact with fans and increase their online merchandising presence. We believe in connecting players with their fans! We believe in helping players develop a positive brand! We believe in creating quality and profitable merchandising products for players! We do this through our love of collegiate and professional sports, our partnership with the NFLPA and the talented individuals who create our posters, greeting cards and coloring books.

The Phoenix Program is open to any active and former player that wants to participate and costs nothing for the player to get involved. Players have used their custom poster for: 

  • Camp Giveaways
  • Charitable Events
  • Personal Appearances at Hospitals, Schools and Community Events
  • Foundations & Auctions
  • Exclusive Product for Players Own Website

Currently, there are three different versions of the Phoenix Program:

Sponsored Version - This version of the program gives your players free posters throughout the year for their personal appearances. Whether it's visiting kids at hospitals or schools, free kids camps or connecting with their fans at a community event, the Sponsored Version gives players a quality souvenir to give away making the events a memorable experience for kids and fans. With the support of generous sponsors, the Sponsored Buy Version is perfect for your players who love to "press the flesh" and connect directly with fans.
Social Media Version -  This version of the program allows players to participate in promoting their own merchandising line through their social media platforms. Team Spirit Store develops a hard goods product line that includes posters, greeting cards, invitations and coloring books. We develop, manufacture, inventory and fulfill the sales through our established sales channels. All the player is required to provide is social media posts to promote his own product. Players earn royalties through the NFLPA and help brand themselves with awesome products.

Video Version - This version of the program combines the great work of Singing for Superheroes and players who want to help bring awareness to children's illnesses while exploring a musical career. Singing for Superheroes was co-founded by Grammy-Award winning singer/songwriter Steven Battey to create original music and video to bring awareness to children illness. Recently, we launched our first video with Kansas City Chiefs Charcandrick West to highlight Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. Co-starring 10-year old superhero, Jillian Reid, the song and video, "Body of Steel" has become a huge media hit. The video has been featured on multiple media outlets including ESPN, TMZ, The NFL Network Direct Access and many others.



NFL Player Camps

In addition to the three versions, the Phoenix Program is also helping players bring added value to their football camps by supplying free posters for the kids! Through the support of local sponsors, the program is able to create amazing art work for the players to giveaway to all the kids attending his camp. Not only are the posters visually stunning, the poster theme's are purposed to help the player, camp coaches and parents have a learning opportunity with the children. Our 2017 Dreams & Goals Camp Initiative is a perfect example of this, giving everyone involved the ability to help kids identify and achieve their dreams and goals. 



Team Spirit Store is grateful to be in a position to help agents bring added value to their players! We're grateful to be able to help players increase their brand awareness and connect with fans! And more importantly, Team Spirit Store is grateful in being responsible for making kids smile!

Contact Eric B. Petersen at 208.440.4312 or to learn more about the Phoenix Program and how to get your players involved.



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