The award-winning Phoenix Program was created to enhance the incredible charitable efforts of athlete’s and create one million smiles. We believe in bringing athletes and sponsors together who share the same values and are aligned with the Phoenix Program overall mission. This unique collaboration provides a strong platform for the athlete to interact with kids in a meaningful way. The impact is very powerful!


The Sponsorship Initiative provides posters for kid’s camps, toy drives, hospital & school visits, after-school programs, foundations and many other athlete appearances. 

The initiative’s goals are:


  • Create one million smiles!
  • Enhance the communities the athlete is involved!
  • Make a positive impact on children’s lives!
  • Promote the selfless efforts of athletes!
  • Provide a meaningful association for sponsors!

Our Magic Formula



The children are the true inspiration and the real reason we do this. They’re the reason the Phoenix Program exists. With each event, children are lifted up and inspired by athletes and sponsors who recognize the importance of giving back and making a difference.



Bringing together talent from professional sports gives our events the star-power needed to reach millions of kids and provide tangible results that truly bring change, hope and awareness to all communities.



The generous support of sponsors gives the Sponsorship Initiative the ability to continue our mission by funding the production of amazing art work so athletes can connect with children that creates the smiles that last a lifetime.


“The posters put my event over-the-top! Thank you Team Spirit Store USA!” – Bud Dupree Pittsburgh Steelers


Join Our Team of Sponsors


We’re excited for all the amazing camps and charitable events that come with collaborating with athletes who spend their time giving back to the kids and their communities. We invite you to get involved with the Sponsorship Initiative and have this impactful program working for you.


Let’s Collaborate!

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