Elite sport is results driven. Each generation of new athletes is pushing themselves to new limits, to reach new heights and eclipse records set by their predecessors. But what impact can this constant cauldron of pressure and expectation have on the mental health of an athlete? Are athletes speaking out when they need help? And what help is available?


Performance in Balance is about maximum performance. A powerful tool for guiding development and growth in all facets of the athlete’s life. Developed and taught by Ross Cook, Performance in Balance helps create congruent performance and endeavors both on the playing field and off. Explore some of the many regions of athletic growth trained by Performance in Balance:


Personal Development


As athletes take the journey through their profession, they are often faced with changes that require adjustments to new situations or rethinking of old behaviors. Appropriate responses at ten-years old are no longer appropriate at twenty or thirty-five. Reliving patterns and recalling behaviors from their memory files no longer serve the situation athlete’s grow into. Personal Development covers:


  • Team transitions/teammate transition
  • Fear of success/fear of failure
  • Overcoming fear
  • Living in joy 


Optimal Health


An athlete does not have to become ill to optimize wellness. Systematic training assists athlete’s in reaching their full potential, optimum performance, health and well-being. Unlike traditional methods of counseling, Performance in Balance equips athletes with basic tools that support their ability to personally influence their own well-being. Releasing weakness and placing them in their proper perspective allowing energy to focus on solutions. Optimal Health covers:


  • Cooperation of mind/body/spirit
  • Pain release and management
  • Reaching health goals
  • Intentional living
  • Successful pre-surgical preparation and accelerated post-surgical recovery
  • Chronic conditions: migraines/weight loss/drug or alcohol issues 


Athletic Performance


How do athletes maneuver factors that cloud maximum athletic performance? Why are athletes challenged to replicate an effort or achievement repeatedly? How do histories of mental, physical and emotional injuries play a role in healing? What daily life influences affect performance? Performance in Balance provides permanent answers and successfully coaches athletes in areas including:


  • Living in “the Zone”
  • Team dynamics
  • Individual and team pressures
  • Balancing sports and life
  • Sports injuries including accelerated recovery
  • Identifying and resolving the root of injuries and illnesses 


Ross Cook works with athletes, agents and coaches to help create congruent performance and endeavors both on the playing field and off. There is a direct correlation between mental, emotional and physical aspects of athletic performance. Ross’ lifelong interest and successful career in coaching makes him and Performance in Balance uniquely qualified to understand and address the special expectations and pressures of athletic endeavors. Whether in clinics or one-on-one training's with athletes, Ross brings new insights and clarity.